Ebico - Power for Purpose

Our mission at Ebico is to help those who are affected by fuel poverty.

Our mission at Ebico is to help those who are affected by fuel poverty. To do this, we provide attractively priced plans designed for customers who find that their home energy costs are a major item of their household expenditure and who, therefore, need to budget prudently, either by being as efficient in energy use as possible, or through the use of a prepayment meter. We use the financial surpluses from doing this to support local hands-on projects in fuel-poor neighbourhoods across Britain via the Ebico Trust, our registered charity[1].

That is what we mean by Power for Purpose.

We are an established Oxfordshire based company that has been in business for over 16 years. We provide energy to over 60,000 UK households who have found our social mission and market-leading customer services[2] and value appealing. Our licensed supply partner for EquiGas & EquiPower tariff is SSE and for our Ebico PrePay tariff is Robin Hood Energy.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers have consistently rated our customer service as one of the best amongst energy companies. In the Which? Energy Company Satisfaction Survey 2017, Ebico was rated one of the top-three energy companies in Britain[2]

The fight against fuel poverty

There are over 2 million households in fuel poverty. This is defined by the Department of Energy and Climate Change as households which have above average heating costs which, if met, would leave the occupants below the poverty line.

Fuel poor households are more diverse than you might imagine with nearly half having someone in them in work. From older people to young parents, from veterans to families down on their luck, more often than not it’s no fault of their own that they can’t keep their homes warm.

Since we started up in the late 90s, Ebico’s mission has been about one thing only – doing all we can to ensure affordable access to warm and lit homes.

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Ebico: Social Enterprise

Ebico is a fully certified social enterprise.

Ebico is a fully certified social enterprise. What that means is that we are a business that measures success in terms of the social objectives we achieve, in our case helping those in fuel poverty, as much as our commercial results. In addition, to be a social enterprise a company has to re-invest its financial surpluses in the business rather than maximise profits for shareholders. Other examples of social enterprises include the Eden Project and the Big Issue.

We have been endorsed by Social Enterprise Mark UK against criteria that are independently set and so we can use their Mark as a proof of our social impact credentials. Ebico is also a member of Social Enterprise UK.

1. Ebico Trust registered with the Charity Commission with the number 1127587.

2. In their latest 2017 report, Which? Magazine surveyed almost 8,917 UK energy bill-paying adults in 2016 about their energy suppliers. Suppliers were then ordered according to their customer score, based on overall satisfaction with the supplier (www.which.co.uk/energy/saving-money/reviews-ns/energy-companies-reviewed/best-and-worst-energy-companies/).

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