Customer Service

You don’t have to take our word for it, our customers have consistently rated our customer service as one of the best amongst energy companies.

Last year Ebico was rated one of the top three energy companies in the UK in Which? Magazine surveys (1) for supplier satisfaction and the likelihood of recommending to a friend. And we were in the top four the two previous years. We are by far the quickest to pick up your phone whatever your call is about according to Which?’s mystery shopper team (2). You too will benefit from this market leading customer service when you switch to Ebico.

1. In their latest 2015 report, Which? Magazine surveyed 9,404 UK energy bill-paying adults in September and October 2014 about their energy suppliers. Suppliers were then ordered according to their customer score, based on overall satisfaction with the supplier and the likelihood of recommending it to a friend ( 2.