Saving Money in the Loft


  • Insulate your hot water tank: Buying a jacket for your water tank will only cost £10-£15 but with annual savings up to £35 a year, it pays for itself in months. Also make sure that if it has a thermostat it is not set to any higher than 60oC and you can save even more.
  • Exposed hot water pipes: insulate them and you could save an additional £10 per year
  • Cavity wall insulation: if you have unfilled walls then a good deal of your energy bills will be spent heating the air outside – in fact up to £160[1] a year. Grants are available from the Government, energy suppliers and your local authority, so check out what is on offer.


  • Go solar: Consider using solar panels heat your hot water or benefit from feed-in tariffs that can give you extra income as a result of the energy they generate. South-facing solar water heating panels can generate up to 60% of your hot water needs
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