Specialist devices and adaptors

There are many special devices and adaptors available to make it easier for you to use controls, plugs and switches in your home.

Our supply partner can recommend where to buy these from and, when available, they may even be able to supply them free of charge to Careline members.

Bump-ons: These are self-adhesive dots you can stick on to appliances. For example, they can mark different temperatures or programmes on a washing machine.

Braille: Some manufacturers offer braille appliance controls for blind or partially sighted customers.

Control handles: These fit over the top of existing controls, making them easier to turn.

Special plugs: Some plugs come with handles to make it easier to plug in and pull out your appliances.

Power point raiser: These move your sockets so you can reach them without having to bend down.

Rocker switches: These large switches are easier for some people to use, because you can nudge them on and off with your elbow or arm.

Touch-sensitive controls: These don’t need pressure to work as they detect your body’s warmth.

Switch sticks: These small plastic levers stick on to existing light switches to make them easier to use.

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