Economy 7

If you have a meter set up for Economy 7 then you can enjoy a lower price for electricity used during off peak times at night. The off peak times vary slightly between regions and between summer and winter. You will be charged a higher price for your electricity during the remaining hours of the day. You can find out exact off peak times for your region by contacting us.

Economy 7 can be advantageous if you have night storage heaters in your home. These store energy overnight and then release it gradually throughout the day. This can also be handy if you have installed timing devices on electrical appliances such as your washing machine or dishwasher so that they run at night.

If you use the same amount of energy at night as you do in the day, then Economy 7 may be cost effective for you. If you are on Economy 7 and you feel your bills are higher than expected then you should consider the following:

  • Fit timing devices to that your main electrical appliances come on at night
  • Check that your boiler and storage heaters are set to full over night and that you are using as little electricity as possible during the day.
  • Be aware of the weather. If the forecast is for milder weather then you should keep them on a lower setting.
  • Keep a record of the separate readings for day and night on your meter. That way you can keep track and ensure you are using Economy 7 efficiently.

If you spend most of your time at home during the day then it’s worth considering switching. Call us on 0800 458 7689 if you need further advice on which energy plan you should be on.