EquiGas & EquiPower

With our simple and fair tariffs you only pay for the energy when you use it!

We are in business primarily to help those affected by fuel poverty in Britain. When you sign up with us you are also signing up for our cause. What’s more, with Ebico you also get top-drawer customer services according to Which? Magazine.*

Our long-standing EquiGas and EquiPower energy plans are designed around lower energy use households and Pay-as-You-Go customers.

Whoever you are, if you’re using below average levels of energy in your home, then the EquiGas and EquiPower plans will be right up your street. With zero standing charges, you only pay for what you use – ideal if your property is small, well insulated or is left empty much of the time. Also with the same price regardless of your payment method, Pay-as-You-Go meter households pay no more than credit metered customers for the same amount of energy.

  • Zero standing charges
  • Same price no matter how you pay
  • Ideal if your home does not consume a great deal of energy or if its left empty much of the time
  • No exit fees

There are 14 supply regions in Britain for electricity and there are different costs associated with the supply of each region. For that reason EquiPower has a different price for each region.