Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers, if they do not help you with your enquiry then please feel free to contact us at

How is it that your EquiGas & EquiPower have a zero pence standing charge and are the same no matter how you choose to pay?

Most energy supply companies charge Pay-As-You-Go meter customers a higher rate and/or standing charge than they do others of their customers. This is because there are higher costs involved in supplying and looking after Pay-As-You-Go meters. And most other companies offer cheaper deals when customers commit to paying in a particular way.

At Ebico we believe this is fundamentally unfair. Our plans even-out the different costs involved in energy delivery or payment methods between all our customers. As a result nobody is penalised because of their budgeting circumstances or payment preferences.

What is the relationship between Ebico and SSE?

SSE is our chosen supply partner. Under the rules of Ofgem, the energy supply market’s regulator, electricity and gas must be delivered to your meter by a licensed supplier; so our partnership with SSE enables us to work with them to deliver energy to you. This means that Ebico customers will have an energy supply contract with SSE. SSE will also be the company that collects meter readings, sends out your bills and statements, and collects payment. Your power will actually be supplied by one of SSE’s operating companies, Southern Electric, SWALEC, SSE or Scottish Hydro, depending on where you live.

How ‘green’ is Ebico?

While we make no ‘green’ claims for Ebico, our supply partners SSE are the largest generator of renewable energy in the UK. They have also committed to reduce the carbon intensity of their electricity generation by 50% by 2020 compared to 2006. To find out more, read here.

Our EquiGas and EquiPower energy plan, with its zero standing charge, does not penalise customers for using less, so it can offer a good deal for households that are planning on significant energy efficiency improvements or on installing photovoltaic panels.

How often will my meter be read?

We will ensure your meter gets read every six months. In the interval between readings we will make an estimate of your meter readings.

How often will I get a bill?

If you have opted for a paper or electronic bill, then you will receive this every quarter. A statement of account will be sent out to you every six months after your first year with us. Prior to this, and for all customers using Direct Debit who so wish, you will receive a statement of account every three months.

If you use a pre-payment meter, you won’t get a bill but you will receive an annual statement of account.

Is Ebico only for people on low incomes?

No, anyone living in England, Scotland and Wales can become one of our customers. In our view the fight against fuel poverty is open to all.

Can Ebico supply my business?

Unfortunately we do not have an energy plan for businesses. We can only supply domestic addresses.

What is the Warm Home Discount?

The Warm Home Discount is a Government scheme designed to provide financial assistance to low income and vulnerable households. In the 2015/16 financial year, eligible households will receive a discount of £140 on their electricity account. Check here to learn more about the scheme and whether you are eligible

Do you offer smart meters?

All homes in Britain will have their gas and electricity meters replaced by smart meters over the next few years as part of Government plans. You can read more about their benefits here.

We will be rolling out smart meters to all our customers over the next few years. We will write to you with more information when we are ready to install one in your home. In the meantime if you already have a smart meter from another energy supplier and you switch over to Ebico, it will revert to “dumb” mode until such time as we can support smart functionality.