Green Deal: energy saving for your home

The Green Deal was a grant that was provided by government between 2013 and 2015.

With the Green Deal loan you could have chosen a range of energy efficiency home improvements, like insulation or installing a more efficient boiler. You would then borrow the money to pay for them which is repaid by the savings you would make and added to your electricity bill.

The Green Deal had a Golden Rule; you would never pay more in repayments than the expected savings in your energy bills that result from the home improvements.

The Green Deal stays with the property. This means that if you move, the new owner/tenant will become responsible for the loan repayments, as they would benefit from the improvements.

Likewise, if you move into a property with the Green Deal agreement, you will become responsible for the repayments. If that is the case, our supply partner will contact you separately to agree the monthly charge to your bill.

You can also find more about The Green Deal here.