A biomass system uses wood pellets or chips to provide a sustainable energy option for heating your home. Because they provide renewable heat, users qualify for the government’s renewable heat incentive payments – for more information click here.

These systems can be expensive to purchase and install as they are made up of many parts which need to be put together and space is required to store the solid fuel. The supply chain is not so well developed as for other systems and you need to make sure you are getting dry, good quality wood. Consideration of neighbours is also a factor as chimney smoke may present a problem.

Pros: Flexible giving you heat when needed, qualifies for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments, low running costs once installed.

Cons: Expensive to purchase and install plus lots of space for the storage, hopper and transfer system, reliable source of wood pellets or chips needed, supply chain less developed, smoke produced when burning wood.

Indicative annual cost: £997 (before RHI rebates).