Night Storage Heaters

Night storage heaters have been developed to work with Economy 7 electricity supply tariffs. They work by heating up clay bricks with electric heating elements during the night, with the heat slowly being released during the day. They are relatively cheap to install and users can benefit from cheaper off-peak (night time) electricity. However, if the stored heat is used-up before the end of the day, the users has to turn on a booster heater and use more expensive day-rate electricity to heat the home. Although night storage heaters can provide instant heat, users need to plan-ahead to get the most out of them.

There are now even more efficient storage heaters called ‘High Heat Retention Storage Heaters’ which have smarter controls than some traditional storage heaters and have greater insulation reducing the heat wastage.
Likewise, domestic hot water can be produced using Economy 7 electricity, during the night, to supply an immersion heater. However, if the hot water is all used-up during the day then, once again, expensive day-rate electricity would be needed to heat-up more water. Modern system controls provide improvements over older models though, and it is essential that the hot water tank is properly insulated to keep the water hot that is stored in the tank.
Pros: Relatively cheap to install, those on an Economy 7 electricity tariff can benefit by using a cheaper, off-peak rate to heat their homes.

Cons: Inflexible and if not used appropriately could be costly to run

Indicative annual cost: £1,202