The fight against fuel poverty

There are over 2 million households in fuel poverty. This is defined by the Department of Energy and Climate Change as homes where the combined income is below the poverty line and higher than typical energy costs.

The fuel poor are a more diverse group of people than you might imagine. Nearly half have someone in work. From older people to young parents, from veterans to families down on their luck, more often than not it’s no fault of their own that they can’t keep their homes warm.

Since we started up in the late 90s, Ebico’s mission has been about one thing only – doing all we can to ensure affordable access to warm and lit homes.

We do this in two ways:

  • By coming up with attractive price plans tailored to those with pre-payment meters whose needs are usually ignored by the big energy companies.
  • We use any financial surpluses we make to fund the Ebico Trust, our charity dedicated to fighting fuel poverty. Read more here about how the Trust is making a real difference to peoples’ lives up and down the country.

What is fuel poverty?

Households in fuel poverty face both incomes and higher energy needs compared to typical households.

Typical English household

Typical fuel poor household

Annual income after tax and housing costs


Less than half


Annual energy needs


More than 20% higher


Incomes are for 2012 and are adjusted to reflect spending power of households. Energy costs are also for 2012 and are those required to meet a standardised heating regime.