Treating Customers Fairly

We like to think that treating you fairly is the minimum your energy company can do.

We really are committed to giving you market-leading customer service and treating you fairly. We never forget that, in buying your gas and electricity from Ebico, you’ve chosen to join us in the fight against fuel poverty.

We’re proud to publish our updated ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ statements in conjunction with our supply partners SSE and Robin Hood Energy. These set out how the Standards of Conduct, set out by Ofgem, are met by each of our partners. These standards were introduced to improve the experience you have with your energy supplier and to ensure fair treatment. If you feel our service doesn’t meet these standards you should let us know and we’ll try and put things right. If you’d like more information about how we respond to such feedback, please see our ‘Complaints Procedure’ here.

EquiGas & EquiPower Treating Customers Fairly.
Ebico PrePay Treating Customers Fairly.