Age Cymru Energy Efficiency Program Visit

In March the Ebico Trustees spent a day with Sean from Age Cymru, who is responsible for implementing the energy efficiency program funded by The Trust. On the day, we visited a couple of elderly residents and helped install sustainable energy efficiency measures to make sure that they can stay warm this winter. These measures will also help in forthcoming winters.

Age Cymru is the leading charity for older people in Wales. Their mission is to improve life for senior citizens. The key aim of the energy efficiency programme, funded by The EbicoTrust, is to provide a free of charge, one off visit to older people in their own homes to give energy efficiency information, advice and, where appropriate, install practical home energy efficiency improvements.

Practical home energy efficiency measures include:

  • Insulation foam
  • Letter box draft excluder
  • Energy efficiency light bulbs
  • Night lights
  • External door draught excluder
  • Remote plug socket
  • Socket timer
  • Radiator foil/panel
  • Cold alarm


During the day we visited Mr H (92) (in the photo above), who last year suffered from two strokes and two heart attacks. Due to his health issues, it is crucial to make sure that he is comfortable in his home at all times. While Mr H was telling us his life story and the events from the Second World War, Sean from Age Cymru inspected his house and implemented the necessary energy efficiency measures.

Sean fitted door brushes on all external doors, insulation foam to the entrance doors and draught excluders to the internal doors where appropriate; he also fitted a radiator foil to make sure that the heat from the back of the radiator is reflected back into the room. Mr H was given an automatic night security lamp for his landing to make sure that he has a light on if he needs to leave his bedroom during the night. He was also provided with a cold alarm which sounds if the temperature falls below 7 oC, a couple of energy efficiency light bulbs and a socket timer. Sean also went through a client assessment to make sure that Mr H is warm and comfortable in his home at all

We also visited another client, Mr J (85), on the other side of Cardiff who had a draught excluder fitted to his bedroom doors, external door brushes and radiator foil. He was also provided with a cold alarm and socket timer. Sean went through the client assessment with him too to make sure that he is warm and comfortable in his home at all times.
While Sean was rushing off to his next visit, we went to visit Age Cymru head office to see how they are planning their visits and implementing their home energy efficient measures, sponsored by The Ebico Trust, for other elderly people in Cardiff and surrounding area.

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