Fuel Poverty Awareness Day – What have you done with us?

Today is a Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. As an energy provider dedicated to fighting fuel poverty Ebico has donated its surpluses to The Ebico Trust. The Trust has carefully selected, and provided financial support to, community-based fuel-poverty fighting projects across the country, monitoring their progress to ensure delivery against objectives.

So it is you, our customers, who enable us to fight fuel poverty in Britain.

We are really pleased with progress but we’re determined to continue the fight against fuel poverty in the Britain. Check our infographic, below, to see the summary of achievements last year.

Phil Levermore, Managing Director of Ebico and a trustee of The Ebico Trust, said, “We are delighted to see the great results delivered by the projects that The Ebico Trust had funded. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Ebico customers for their continued business which has enabled us to continue to deliver on our mission of eradicating fuel poverty in Britain.”infographic


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