The Ebico Trust appoints new trustee as donations hit £1million


We’re pleased to announce that Dr Brenda Boardman has joined our Board of Trustees. Brenda is an Emeritus Fellow at Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute, and one of the UK’s most respected thinkers on fuel poverty. She focuses her research on energy efficiency and how energy is used in British homes, particularly those in low-income households, one of the main issues the Ebico Trust dedicates its time to tackling.

This fantastic news comes as the Ebico Trust reaches a milestone of £1million in donations to British projects fighting fuel poverty including G-Heat , the Northfield Warm Home project and HEAT, run by National Energy Action.

“Brenda is widely viewed as one of the foremost and renowned academics in her field, so we’re delighted to have her on board,” commented Phil Levermore, co-founder of the Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be vital in the sensitive issue of tacking fuel poverty. Her background makes her the ideal candidate to help us continue the work the Trust is undertaking and enhance our decision-making regarding the donations we make to causes fighting fuel poverty in the UK.”

“Everyone should have a warm home, it’s one of the most basic human rights, and yet fuel poverty is a persistent problem, touching every community in Britain. I’ve been researching the issue for over 25 years and it’s scandalous the Government hasn’t done more to eradicate it,” said Dr Brenda Boardman.

“The Government needs a clearer, more personalised and flexible fuel poverty policy, with significant funding behind it. So far energy efficiency policies have largely helped middle income earners with home improvements rather than those most in need.

“The Ebico Trust funds practical initiatives to help those most affected by fuel poverty, which is why I’m delighted to join its Board of trustees. There is a strong philosophy to meet each of the charities we fund, learn from each other and provide the support for these projects to deliver.”

Dr Brenda Boardman’s appointment follows that of Chris Goodall, who joined the Trust in December 2015, further strengthening our Board of Trustees expertise in our mission to fight fuel poverty sustainably.

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