The Ebico Trust, on a mission to fight fuel poverty, appoints Chris Goodall

We are delighted to announce that Chris Goodall has joined our Board of Trustees. Chris is a writer on low-carbon energy and sustainability and an investor in innovative renewable energy technologies. His blog, Carbon Commentary, is part of the Guardian Environment Network. Chris is a long time friend of Ebico, having helped us in the formation of our co-venture with The Eden Project which established the UK’s first employee-owned solar PV installation.

Phil Levermore, co-founder of the Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development, commented, “Chris’ wealth of knowledge in the field of green energy will broaden the skillset within the Trust and enable us to better achieve our goal of tackling fuel poverty sustainably.” He continued, “His appointment to our Board of Trustees, will enable us to support the community projects that we fund with a broader range of advice and guidance to ensure that those in fuel poverty are helped in sustainable ways.”

“I have always admired what the Ebico Trust does and it is a real privilege to join the team. Fuel poverty continues to be one of the UK’s most urgent problems and the Trust is an important catalyst for finding solutions”, Chris said.

Chris’ appointment continues the development of the Ebico Trust’s governance arrangements.

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