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    Oxford City Council

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    August 2016 - August 2017



Ebico Private Rented Energy Efficiency Grant (EPREEG)

The Ebico Trust in partnership with the Oxford City Council is working to improve the energy efficiency of properties owned by private sector landlords and to reduce fuel poverty in Oxford. This project is available for private rented properties with EPC rating of D, E, F or G. The landlords are offered a free survey and 50% discount off all further work on a number of energy efficiency measures (subject to terms and conditions). Where ECO funding is potentially available, Landlords will additionally be referred to the Affordable Warmth Network.

The grant is be provided for simple measures that could be done in a home – primarily draught proofing but also Water Cylinder Jackets, pipe lagging, LED Lighting Bulbs, Radiator Foil and loft insulation (to 270mm).

Landlords are allowed five grants maximum. Referrals are done directly from Oxford City council’s officers, the Affordable Warmth Network, Better Housing Better Health project or promotions using existing mailing lists. Landlords are able to utilise the Council’s own in-house installers (via HIA or Direct Labour Organisations).

To apply for the PREEG grant you must provide:

Landlords can either download the forms above or send an email to to apply for an application pack.


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