Key facts

  • Location

    North Devon, Ilfracombe

  • Partner

    361 Energy

  • Timeline

    February 2015 - February 2016



361 Energy – Empower

Empower is a fuel poverty project targeting a specific area in North Devon, Ilfracombe, which has high levels of deprivation and no local fuel poverty services besides those offered through this project. The project works in close partnership with agencies in Ilfracombe to identify and refer vulnerable households in the area. Once enrolled onto the programme it offers a comprehensive behaviour change support programme which includes the following:

  • A fuel debt service in partnership with established agencies such as Citizens Advice or Advice UK which will provide switching and fuel debt assistance
  • One-to-one, in-home support by qualified energy assessors/champions. Support will include providing some energy saving equipment such energy monitors (wireless electricity meters with in home display unit); LED light bulbs, radiator reflector panels, remote controlled sockets, shower time monitors
  • The one-to-one support will include setting up a process to collect regular utility usage data and providing feedback on this
  • A liaison service between tenants and landlords will also be offered to explore ways of funding fabric and heating system improvements in homes that are rented and for those owned.

You can read the first quarterly report here.

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