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    July 2015- September 2016


Money management

In May 2015 the Office of National Statistics recorded that 8.5% of Eastbourne residents suffer from fuel poverty, this equates to 3,950 residents. A significant number of clients who see Easbourne Citizens Advice Bureau debt caseworkers have substantial fuel bill debts.

The main aim of the project is to build on the service currently offered by helping clients reduce their energy usage and their tariff costs and therefore the risk of falling in to fuel poverty. The money management project has brought to the fore the savings clients can make when they understand how to calculate their energy usage and how to use comparison websites, as well as building confidence in the switching process.

The project’s uniqueness is due the fact that it provides both energy advice and financial capability advice in a holistic way. The result is the delivery of sustainable solutions which protect the household from falling into debt or suffering undue financial hardship.

Easbourne Citizens Advice Bureau are subscribed to the Energy Company Obligation scheme and have made referrals leading to energy saving measures. They also promote reducing CO2 emissions through guidance on the best use of heating thermostats, timers and programmers and using simple, low- and no-cost energy saving measures for the home, like hanging lined curtains and switching from halogen to LED bulbs etc.

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