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    South East London Community Energy (SELCE)

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    July 2015 - July 2016



The People Power Café

Those at most risk of fuel poverty are often the least able get the best deals. High risk households are often unable to access the cheapest energy tariffs, get financial support for energy efficiency measures on their properties, or obtain guidance on how to reduce unnecessary energy use. Personalised advice can provide an effective intervention.  But, because of the associated stigma, those most in need of such advice are often least likely seek it.  The People Power Cafés will overcome these barriers with the aid of a cup of tea and a slice of cake – building on a successful model of fuel poverty intervention piloted in March 2015.

The People Power Cafés will provide personalised one-to-one advice sessions for 500 households at risk of fuel poverty in the relaxed stigma-free setting of a local community café accompanied by lunch or a tasty snack.   Bi-weekly People Power Cafés will be held over the course of six months in six locations across Greenwich and Lewisham.  Each location is characterised by a high incidence of fuel poverty, income deprivation and thermally-inefficient housing stock. Beneficiaries who present issues such as mould, drafts or thermostat setting difficulties that cannot be dealt with during the advice session will be offered a follow-up home visit with three visits taking place each week over the course of six months.  We propose to use the intelligence that exists in the community to ensure we target those most at risk from fuel poverty.

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