The Ebico Trust is our way of staying at the forefront of the fight against fuel poverty in Britain. Any financial surplus made by our energy supply business goes straight to the Trust to support projects in fuel-poor neighbourhoods up and down the country.
We invite applications for funding for any of the following:

  1. You offer advice, guidance or education to communities where fuel poverty is endemic.
  2. Your organisation is in the business of making practical and sustainable improvements to the energy efficiency of your local housing stock.
  3. You are undertaking research into fuel poverty, its incidence and the methods by which it can be tackled in society.

For further inspiration, click here to take a tour of some of the projects that the Ebico Trust is funding today.

The Trust reviews applications on a quarterly basis. Typically the grants we give out range between £20k and £60k.

The Trustees are currently reviewing the current application process and as a result we have postponed setting a new deadline until this is completed.