Beat the price rises and move with us to cheaper energy deals under our new partnership with Robin Hood Energy

The good news for EquiGas and EquiPower credit customers is that, following the recent price increase announcement by SSE, Ebico Zero remains at least 4.5% cheaper than EquiGas and is now at least 19% cheaper than EquiPower – and price-guaranteed until at least December 2017. Customers can save even more if they opt to pay by Direct Debit.1

For pay-as-you-go customers, our new Ebico PrePay energy plan, with a standing charge of 25p per day per fuel, is 8.5% cheaper than EquiGas / EquiPower for a customer with an average2 level of household energy use, and is also price-guaranteed until December 2017.

So, switch to Ebico Zero or Ebico PrePay – with both price-guaranteed until at least December 2017.

1 5.5% cheaper for those paying by Direct Debit
2 Average savings in comparison to Dual Fuel customers on Equigas and EquiPower, and based on ofgem’s Typical Domestic Consumption Values (TDCVs) for medium user of 3,100 kWh for electricity and 12,500 kWh for gas.