Closure of EquiGas and EquiPower

In March this year we wrote to all our customers announcing that our, then, supply partner, SSE Plc, had informed us that they could no longer guarantee the future of the EquiGas & EquiPower and that, as a consequence, we had brought our partnership with SSE to an end and were launching a new, and cheaper, zero standing charge energy plan, ‘Ebico Zero’ with our new supply partner, Robin Hood Energy.

We understand that SSE has now written to those customers who remained supplied under the EquiGas/EquiPower arrangements advising them that the tariff will cease on the 24th of August and that, after that date, they will be transferred onto SSE’s standard variable tariff (SVT) – which does have a standing charge.

If you have any questions about this letter, or its contents, you should contact SSE Customer Services by calling 0345 071 9710 or emailing

If you are supplied through a credit meter, and wish to remain supplied under a zero standing charge energy plan1 – and with a lower energy rate than that currently being charged by SSE, click here for a quick quote, or call us on 0300 004 03 08.

1. Please note that the Warm Homes Discount (WHD) is not currently available through Ebico energy plans, provided via our supply partnership with Robin Hood Energy.