With Ebico Prepay you will get a competitive energy deal for your Pay-As-You-Go meter. What's more, you also get top-drawer customer services according to Which? Magazine[1]

Often prepayment meter customers have to compromise either on their energy deal or customer service. With Ebico you get both, competitive energy deal and a top-notch customer service. We have been around since 1998 offering prepayment meter customers with energy deals without compromising on price or customer service.

At 8.5% cheaper than EquiGas & EquiPower for an average user, our prepayment meter tariff offers a good value without compromising on the customer service that we offer to our customers.

  • Competitive prices
  • No exit fees
  • 8.5% cheaper than EquiGas/EquiPower2
  • Price guarantee until December 2017

There are 14 supply regions in Britain and there are different costs associated with the supply of each region. For that reason all our plans have a different price for each region.

Note: Smart meters operating in PAYG mode may lose some functionalities when you switch to this tariff.

[1] In their latest 2017 report, Which? Magazine surveyed almost 8,917 UK energy bill-paying adults in 2016 about their energy suppliers. Suppliers were then ordered according to their customer score, based on overall satisfaction with the supplier (www.which.co.uk/energy/saving-money/reviews-ns/energy-companies-reviewed/best-and-worst-energy-companies/).
[2] Exclusive to pay-as-you-go customers