Give a green helping hand

Our energy is sourced, either directly from the generators themselves, or through a green wholesale energy provider which has established relationships with a community of green generators. By switching to an Ebico electricity or dual fuel price plan you’re supporting an increase in the overall amount of green energy delivered to British households.

As a consumer of energy in your own home you can now be part of saving the planet and supporting those in fuel poverty. As the first not-for profit energy provider in the UK, our profit surpluses go into supporting people in fuel poverty who are unable to heat and light their own homes.

Over one third of the UK’s energy is now produced from renewable sources including; solar, wind and hydro. The momentum for energy supply to come from renewables has never been stronger and Ebico is proud to be the part of this positive trend. You can find out more about green energy here.

We offer various plans to suit your lifestyle and budget. Today you can support those in fuel poverty whilst feeling warm and toasty this winter and at the same time reduce the climate change impact.