Letter Confusion – So, Are We Reducing or Increasing Prices?

We have been sending letters to our customers telling them about our new, cheaper, energy plans, Ebico Zero and Ebico PrePay, available through our new supply partner Robin Hood Energy. We’ve now discovered that our former supply partner, SSE, is also writing to our customers, under our Ebico brand, to tell them that prices are rising. We know this is confusing, so we hope the following makes things clearer.

If you have already told us:

  • by phone,
  • by visiting choice.ebico.org.uk, or
  • by returning the tear-off slip attached to our letter announcing our new partnership

that you would like to move with us to Robin Hood Energy and benefit from the lower price of Ebico Zero, then you can disregard the letter entitled ‘Your Electricity Price is Increasing’, which was sent by our former supply partner, SSE, with our branding. Your account will be transferred to Ebico Zero, powered by Robin Hood Energy, over the next few weeks, and you will benefit from our lower prices.

If you have not already told us that you would like to move with us to Robin Hood Energy and Ebico Zero, then the ‘Your Electricity Price is Rising’ letter does apply to you. To avoid this increase, take a look at the recent email and letter we sent to you announcing our new partnership with RHE and, using the code number we provided, either click here to let us know if you would like to switch, or complete the tear-off strip and post it to us in the envelope provided.

We had hoped to make switching to our cheaper tariffs as simple as possible for our EquiGas/EquiPower customers. However, unfortunately our former supply partner, SSE, has been unable to support the transfer of customers to our new supply partner. So, we must now ask our EquiGas/EquiPower customers to confirm to us that they want to make the move to Ebico Zero. Customers who have not yet let us know that they would like to switch to Ebico Zero, and do not tell us that they would like to do so, will remain supplied by SSE on the EquiGas/EquiPower tariff and will be subject to the increase in the electricity price.

Please note, that the Warm Homes Discount (WHD) is not currently available with Ebico Zero, so if you expect to receive the WHD this winter, we recommend that you remain with SSE.