Our Vision

Simply put, we want affordable, sustainable, home warmth for all. 

Our New Mission

Ebico’s new mission is, therefore, to make a warm and environmentally sustainable home environment affordable for all British households, regardless of their level of income.

Our New Strategy

Our business is to invest in, or operate, established businesses or start-ups whose activities will widen access to sustainable home warmth and which will be commercially successful and so build to scale – leveraging our commercial investment and magnifying our social and environmental impact.

Our commercial surpluses are donated to our charitable initiative, the Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development, and used to drive innovation in, and awareness of, the challenges we face as a nation in decarbonising whilst maintaining social equity.

Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development

Working with our partners, the Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development provides grants to innovators to support them in developing commercial ideas which will make sustainable warmth affordable to all.

The Trust also works with partners to fund research which quantifies the distributional impact of national home energy decarbonisation initiatives.