The results of the Which? Energy Customer Service Satisfaction Survey is in … and we are one of the very top-performing energy companies!

Ebico customers’ feedback to Which? has placed us in second place in the Energy Company Satisfaction Survey 2020 out of 35 companies scrutinised. As always, we’d like to thank all our customers who participated in the survey and have placed us, once again, amongst the top-performing energy companies for customer service and value.

For over 20 years, at Ebico, we’ve striven to give our customers a great customer experience, whilst at the same time maintaining our focus on fighting the growing issue of fuel poverty in Britain. Providing our customers with consistent good value and customer experience is a continuous effort that our team is proud of.
There is always room for improvement, and we will continue to work hard towards providing our customers the very best customer experience in the industry.

You can check the full results on the Which? website

Results based on an online survey of 8,353 members of the public in September 2019. Customer score is based on satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. Customers also rated aspects of service; these are presented as star ratings. We need at least 40 responses to give a result; a dash (-) means too few responses to give a rating. Sample sizes in brackets. Full WRP results at a Flow Energy is now part of Octopus Energy.