We have launched our new smart energy plan featuring free overnight electricity

With a 0 p/kWh off-peak (i.e. overnight) electricity rate, Ebico’s new Night Owl smart energy plan offers a great deal to households who use Economy 7 off-peak power to charge their night storage heaters.

Ebico CEO, Phil Levermore, explained:
“For households without a mains gas supply, night storage heaters can be a convenient way of heating the home. In practice, however, winter fuel bills with this form of heating can come as a nasty shock – particularly if it turns-out to be a very cold winter. As a result, electrically-heated homes are 70% more likely to be in fuel poverty, and that fuel poverty to be 70% deeper, than homes heated with mains gas1. Night Owl offers winter peace of mind to households using E7 heaters. With an overnight electricity rate of zero pence per kilowatt-hour, night storage units can be charged as much as necessary at no marginal cost.”

He continued:
“Nineteen years ago, as Britain’s first not-for-profit energy provider dedicated to tackling fuel poverty, we were the first company to charge our prepayment-metered customers the same as our credit customers – and so helped bring an end to higher charges for prepay customers, nationally. We launched the first energy plan with a zero standing-charge, so our customers only had to pay for the electricity and gas they used. Continuing our commitment to affordable warmth and utilising the flexibility that smart metering now gives us, we’re launching Night Owl, the first smart energy plan to offer a zero-priced night-time electricity rate to homes with Economy 7 heating.”

Click here to find out more about the Ebico Night Owl energy plan.



1 Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report, 2017. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy