Ebico customers to receive £12 electricity rebate

We are pleased to announce that on, or shortly after, the 12th of October 2014, all Ebico’s EquiPower customers will have their electricity accounts credited with the government electricity rebate of £12. The payments will reduce the cost of social and environmental programmes on customer energy bills.

At Ebico we have always taken the view that UK Government policy spending should be funded by general taxation, not through levies on consumer bills (for why, click here), so we are delighted that this has started to happen.

Customers who pay using Direct Debit and those who pay on receipt of a bill, will see the rebate displayed as a £12.00 credit on their subsequent statement or bill. Pay As You Go (prepayment) customers will receive a letter containing a voucher which they can redeem at any PayPoint outlet.

In addition, we are very pleased to announce that the rebate will also be paid next year. After that, we hope that the funding of government energy policy initiatives through general taxation will become the norm.

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